Measuring For Your Harness

Whether you are measuring to make sure you order the right size or want us to custom make your harness to your horse's measurements, the chart below will help you to determine the proper fit!

A. Head Length:
Measure from the corner of the mouth, up over poll, and down the other side to the other corner of the mouth.

B. Nose Length: Start at the point about 2 fingers width (1"-1 1/2") below the prominent part of the cheekbone, and measure all the way around the nose to give total length of noseband.

C. Girth: Measure the total length around your horse's girth area.

D. Back Length: Measure from the point just behind the withers (this is where the harness backpad will lay) to the base of the tail.

E. Length of Horse: Measure from the point of your horse's shoulder (not the center of his chest as you would with a blanket)to the rear. You only want his total side length measurement.

F. Height: Measure from the ground up to the point just behind the withers of your horse, in inches for minis or hands for ponies-drafts. We don't always need this measurement but sometimes it is helpful!

G. Collar: Measure from the base of your horse's neck to the top of his withers. This is the proper position of the collar. This line should be straight, not conforming to the horse's body.